• How can iBaby Interiors provide such affordable interior design services?

It's easy: iBaby Interiors splits the interior design workload with you.

To illustrate, let's take a simplified look at the things I typically do on the job with my on-site projects:

First, the design team visits your home for an initial consultation. During that time, and in subsequent meetings, I help you define your needs, preferences, design style and budget, and then inventory, dimension, and photograph your space. I then prepare preliminary space plans, color palettes and product recommendations, and then present my design concept to you. After your approval, I prepare architectural drawings for the construction of the space and installation of the interiors, and then implement and coordinate the purchasing and installation process.

* How does this work? Can you walk me through the process?

1. Decide on what type of room you need designed. (Baby Nursery, Child's Room, Play Room or Teen Room)
2. Place the order through PayPal on the Pricing & Order tab.
3. Email me at iBabyInteriors@gmail.com, once the order has been placed with your name and contact information.
4. I will contact you with your order information and iBaby Design Forms.
5. Once you email me at iBabyInteriors@gmail.com with this information I will commence work on your space. It will take approximately 10 business days to complete the project.
6. I will notify you of the completion of the project and the mailing date of your iBaby Custom Interior Design.

• How can I contact you at iBaby Interiors?

I get my emails through my Blackberry therefore I don’t have to be sitting in front of my computer to answer them.

* What if I don't understand my iBaby Planner?

I take great effort in making your personalized iBaby Planner very clear and easy to understand. If, for any reason, you can not make sense of something, or if you have a question regarding anything email me at iBabyInteriors@gmail.com

* Where do I buy the products iBaby Interiors recommends for my room?

All product recommendations can be purchased online from well-established online retailers. Some products, such as upholstery materials, can be purchased at a discount directly through ibabyinteriors.com through to-the trade resources if you choose to. I will point out these pieces in your planner.

* Once I get my room design is it going to cost a lot to do it?

That is the beauty of iBaby Interiors, you will provide me with a budget before I start working on your design therefore you will not go over the budget You designate.

* Why do I need to measure and photograph my room?

When I design your space plan, I consider the volume of your room, door and window placement, furniture placement, proportion, and scale. Additionally, if there are items you want to integrate into your room design, I need to know what they look like and what size they are to meld everything together in an aesthetically pleasing way. All of these factors allow me to customize your room design.

* Do I have to pay for shipping or sales tax on my order?

Shipping within the Continental United States is free. There is a $20 shipping fee for items going to Alaska or Hawaii.

* How long does it take to receive my room design?

It takes 10 working days for me to complete your custom design. However when I start working on your project depends on where your name is on the wait list. I will keep an open wait list visible on this website.

*Do you provide full design services to local ( Miami-Dade County) customers?

Yes, complete design services are available to customers who are within driving distance of Doral, Florida and are charged on an hourly rate. If you would like me to come out and do the measuring and photography for you and then provide you with an iBaby Planner that is available too, there would be a small fee for an in home consultation. Email me at
iBabyInteriors@gmail.com for more information.

*Do you design other rooms besides children's rooms?
At this moment I only work on kid's rooms through my website, however I am considering expanding to a design studio which offers design services for every room. Email me with requests, the more I get the more I will venture into that market.

*Do you have a guarantee?

Yes I do. I am committed to your satisfaction. Don't like the dresser I’ve recommended? Ask me for a new recommendation. Unhappy with a fabric sample I’ve sent you? I'll send you out another. I’m a reasonable person and I want you to be happy. However there will be a one time revision at no cost. Any extra revisions will be charged at $75 hourly rate.

All I ask of you is that when you're trying to decide whether or not to contact me, please make sure it’s something that truly needs fixing.